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Urban Informatics
July 17, 2022
Griot Potters of the Folona
Griot Potters of the Folona: The History of an African Ceramic Tradition
July 17, 2022

Actinobacteria: Ecology, Diversity, Classification and Extensive Applications

Author: Jayachandra S. Yaradoddi, Merja Hannele Kontro
publisher :Springer Nature
ISBN 10 :9811633525
ISBN 13 :9789811633522
page Number : 334
file size : 19 MB




Through this book, the readers will learn about the different aspects of Actinobacteria- beginning with its ecology and occurrence, to the ways of its adaptation to harsh climates, and finally to its practical applications. The book also presents methods of identifying and characterizing this diverse group of bacteria through advanced techniques like MALDI-TOF, 16S rRNA analysis, etc. Different chapters describe the various biotechnological applications of Actinobacteria, including bioremediation, secondary metabolite production, and in producing antibiotics, anti-cancer therapeutics. It also provides insights into the applications in agriculture and forestry by inhibiting plant pathogenic bacteria’s growth.