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Color Theory For Dummies
August 29, 2022
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Analysing sentences: an introduction to English syntax
August 30, 2022

Crystal Lace Necklace Patterns, Bead Weaving Technique

Crystal Lace Necklace Patterns
Author: Sandra D. Halpenny
publisher :Sandra D. Halpenny, Year: 2006
ISBN 10 :0973797304
ISBN 13 :‎‎9780973797305
page Number : 88
file size : 48 MB



This book takes you through 16 necklace patterns with beautiful, full color illustrations and step-by-step directions. To learn the stitch, start at the first and easiest necklace, work your way through the book to the more complicated patterns. You will be making yourself necklaces and learning the net weave stitch too. Even if you have done the net weave stitch, or have done my patterns before, you will enjoy this book of new necklace patterns to add to your collection.