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Designing React Hooks the Right Way

Designing React Hooks the Right Way
Author: Fang Jin, Sagar Kale
publisher :Packt Publishing
ISBN 10 :1803235950
ISBN 13 :9781803235950
page Number : 278
file size : 5 MB




Get to grips with React Hooks and design your own custom Hook to manage application states for making better decisions in site architecture

Key Features

  • Get to grips with Hooks’ design and understand each built-in Hook’s pitfalls with examples
  • Discover how to turn your existing code into a reusable Hook via code refactoring
  • Explore design solutions to identify and solve site performance issues involving Hooks

Book Description

React hook creates a unique solution for using states in function components to orchestrate UI communication. They provide you with an easy interface to write custom data management solutions with low development and maintenance costs. Understanding how Hooks are designed enables you to use them more effectively, and this book helps you to do just that.

This book starts with a custom-crafted solution to reveal why Hooks are needed in the first place. You will learn about the React engine and discover how each built-in Hook can manage a persistent value by hooking into it. You will walk through the design and implementation of each hook with code so that you gain a solid understanding. Finally, you’ll get to grips with each Hook’s pitfalls and find out how to effectively overcome them.

By the end of this React book, you’ll have gained the confidence to build and write Hooks for developing functional and efficient web applications at scale.

What you will learn

  • Create your own hooks to suit your state management requirement
  • Detect the current window size of your website using useEffect
  • Debounce an action to improve user interface (UI) performance using useMemo
  • Establish a global site configuration using useContext
  • Avoid hard-to-find application memory leaks using useRef
  • Design a simple and effective API data layer using custom Hooks

Who this book is for

This book is for web developers who are looking for a consistent and efficient approach for applying application states with Hooks. Basic knowledge of React will help you to get the most out of this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing the Function Component
  2. Crafting States in Functions
  3. Hooking into React
  4. Use State to Jumpstart Components
  5. Use Effect to Handle Side Effects
  6. Use Memo to Boost Performance
  7. Use Context to Cover an Area
  8. Use Ref to Hide Stuff
  9. Use Custom Hook to Reuse Logic
  10. Building a Website with React