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Ride, Cycle the World
July 22, 2021
The Hidden Power of Photoshop
The Hidden Power of Photoshop: Mastering Blend Modes and Adjustment Layers for Photography
July 22, 2021

Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants

Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants
publisher :DK
ISBN 10 :1465474501
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 440
file size : 169 MB


Let the experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens guide you around the beautiful and mysterious world that is the plant kingdom.

From regulating the air we breathe to providing food, clothes, fuels, and medicines – plants are fundamental to our lives. Discover an extraordinary diversity of species, which includes a grass that grows a meter a day, roots that breathe air, and “queen of the night” cactuses whose rare blooms vanish before dawn.

In a combination of art and science, Flora celebrates plants from majestic trees to microscopic algae, explaining how they germinate, grow, and reproduce. It presents species that have evolved to accommodate pollinating insects such as the foxglove, and plants that have adapted to flourish in even the most hostile of habitats.


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