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July 25, 2022
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July 25, 2022

Jazz Theory Workbook: From Basic to Advanced Study

Jazz Theory Workbook
Author: Dariusz Terefenko
publisher :Routledge, Year: 2019
ISBN 10 :0429818203
ISBN 13 :‎‎9780429818202
page Number : 334
file size : 15 MB




Jazz Theory Workbook accompanies the second edition of the successful Jazz Theory—From Basic to Advanced Study textbook designed for undergraduate and graduate students studying jazz. The overall pedagogy bridges theory and practice, combining theory, aural skills, keyboard skills, and improvisation into a comprehensive whole. While the Companion Website for the textbook features aural and play-along exercises, along with some written exercises and the answer key, this workbook contains brand-new written exercises, as well as as well as four appendices: (1) Rhythmic Exercises, (2) Common-Practice Harmony at the Keyboard, (3) Jazz Harmony at the Keyboard, and (4) Patterns for Jazz Improvisaton. Jazz Theory Workbook works in tandem with its associated textbook in the same format as the 27-chapter book, yet is also designed to be used on its own, providing students and readers with quick access to all relevant exercises without the need to download or print pages that inevitably must be written out. The workbook is sold both on its own as well as discounted in a package with the textbook. Jazz Theory Workbook particularly serves the ever-increasing population of classical students interested in jazz theory or improvisation.

This WORKBOOK is available for individual sale in various formats:

  • Print Paperback: 9781138334250
  • Print Hardback: 9781138334243
  • eBook: 9780429445477

The paperback WORKBOOK is also paired with the corresponding paperback TEXTBOOK in a discounted PACKAGE (9780367321963).