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October 14, 2019
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Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry


Author: Bradley D. Fahlman
publisher :Springer Netherlands, Year: 2018
ISBN 10 :978-94-024-1255-0
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 815
file size :  37 MB



The 3rd edition of this successful textbook continues to build on the strengths that were recognized by a 2008 Textbook Excellence Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA). Materials Chemistry addresses inorganic-, organic-, and nano-based materials from a structure vs. property treatment, providing a suitable breadth and depth coverage of the rapidly evolving materials field — in a concise format. The 3rd edition offers significant updates throughout, with expanded sections on sustainability, energy storage, metal-organic frameworks, solid electrolytes, solvothermal/microwave syntheses, integrated circuits, and nanotoxicity. Most appropriate for Junior/Senior undergraduate students, as well as first-year graduate students in chemistry, physics, or engineering fields, Materials Chemistry may also serve as a valuable reference to industrial researchers. Each chapter concludes with a section that describes important materials applications, and an updated list of thought-provoking questions.