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The Complete Guide to Wiring, Updated 6th Edition
August 6, 2022
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Getting Started With Raspberry Pi
August 6, 2022

RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information: A new understanding of molecular biology

Author: John Mattick, Paulo Amaral
publisher :CRC Press
ISBN 10 :0367623927
ISBN 13 :‎‎9780367623920
page Number : 400
file size : 106 MB




The origin story and emergence of molecular biology is muddled. The early triumphs in bacterial genetics and the complexity of animal and plant genomes complicate an intricate history. This book documents the many advances, as well as the prejudices and founder fallacies. It highlights the premature relegation of RNA to simply an intermediate between gene and protein, the underestimation of the amount of information required to program the development of multicellular organisms, and the dawning realization that RNA is the cornerstone of cell biology, development, brain function and probably evolution itself. Key personalities, their hubris as well as prescient predictions are richly illustrated with quotes, archival material, photographs, diagrams and references to bring the people, ideas and discoveries to life, from the conceptual cradles of molecular biology to the current revolution in the understanding of genetic information.

Key Features

  • Documents the confused early history of DNA, RNA and proteins – a transformative history of molecular biology like no other.
  • Integrates the influences of biochemistry and genetics on the landscape of molecular biology.
  • Chronicles the important discoveries, preconceptions and misconceptions that retarded or misdirected progress.
  • Highlights major pioneers and contributors to molecular biology, with a focus on RNA and noncoding DNA.
  • Summarizes the mounting evidence for the central roles of non-protein-coding RNA in cell and developmental biology.
  • Provides a thought-provoking retrospective and forward-looking perspective for advanced students and professional researchers.