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August 8, 2022
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Taste Tibet: Family recipes from the Himalayas

Taste Tibet
Author: Julie Kleeman, Yeshi Jampa
publisher :Murdoch Books
ISBN 10 :1911668420
ISBN 13 :‎‎9781911668428
page Number : 
file size : 116 MB



Health-giving, accessible, delicious recipes, put together with passion and purpose, and enlightening food stories from a civilisation that has not yet lost touch with how to eat.

‘This warm and engaging cookbook shines a rare light on the fascinating food traditions of Tibet. Yeshi and Julie are brilliant at explaining how dishes such as momo dumplings and sweet ceremonial rice are traditionally eaten on the Tibetan Plateau, yet their recipes are so clear and reassuring they will appeal to readers anywhere. The accompanying photographs offer a glimpse of the captivating beauty of Tibet and an intimate portrait of Tibetan family life.’ Fuchsia Dunlop, bestselling author of Every Grain of Rice

Nourishing, simple, seasonal food that heals as well as fuels: this way of eating might be popular today, but it has been traditional in Tibet for over 8,000 years. Taste Tibet is a collection of over 80 recipes from the Tibetan plateau written for today’s home cook. Create comforting soups and stews, learn the secrets of hand-pulled noodles, and everything you need to know about making and eating momo dumplings, Tibet’s most legendary and addictive culinary export.

Alongside the recipes, award-winning food writer Julie Kleeman and Tibetan cook Yeshi Jampa, who live in Oxford, UK, and run the Taste Tibet restaurant and food stall, interweave stories of Yeshi’s childhood in Tibet, and the shared love of food that brought them together. They reveal nomadic Himalayan food culture and practices, including mindful eating and communal cooking – a way of life that celebrates family, togetherness and respect for food – while exploring the relationship between landscape and diet, evoking the simple, subtle and unique flavours of Tibet.