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The Natural History Book
February 3, 2022
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AutoCAD 2022 Beginners Guide
February 4, 2022

The Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

The Art Book
Author: DK
publisher :DK
ISBN 10 :1465453377
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 352
file size : 181 MB



Tour history’s greatest masterpieces in The Art Book. See the master works of Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and more.

From prehistoric cave paintings to postmodern art, The Art Book explores more than 100 different movements, periods, and works throughout history, including ancient Assyrian sculpture and contemporary Japanese multimedia works. Using innovative graphics and creative typography, The Art Book makes art more approachable and easier to understand.

Profiling more than 100 artists, The Art Book covers paintings, drawing, sculptures, ready-mades, land art, installations, and more. Follow how art changed in the Medieval world to the 18th century to the modern age. Study famous pieces of art including Venus of Willendorf, The Book of Kells, and Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait. Learn the differences between Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, and Roy Lichtenstein.

With stunning images and graphics, clear writing, an artist directory, and a vocabulary glossary, The Art Book is the perfect introduction to the complex and exciting world of art.

Series Overview: Big Ideas Simply Explained series uses creative design and innovative graphics, along with straightforward and engaging writing, to make complex subjects easier to understand. These award-winning books provide just the information needed for students, families, or anyone interested in concise, thought-provoking refreshers on a single subject.