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Viruses, Hardware and Software Trojans: Attacks and Countermeasures

Author: Anatoly Belous, Vitali Saladukha
publisher :Springer, Year: 2020
ISBN 10 :3030472175
ISBN 13 :‎‎9783030472177
page Number : 857
file size : 34 MB



This book provides readers with a valuable reference on cyber weapons and, in particular,  viruses, software and hardware Trojans. The authors discuss in detail the most dangerous computer viruses, software Trojans and spyware, models of computer Trojans affecting computers, methods of implementation and mechanisms of their interaction with an attacker ― a hacker, an intruder or an intelligence agent. Coverage includes Trojans in electronic equipment such as telecommunication systems, computers, mobile communication systems, cars and even consumer electronics. The evolutionary path of development of hardware Trojans from “cabinets”, “crates” and “boxes” to the microcircuits (IC) is also discussed.  Readers will benefit from the detailed review of the major known types of hardware Trojans in chips, principles of their design, mechanisms of their functioning, methods of their introduction, means of camouflaging and detecting, as well as methods of protection and counteraction.