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Bugatti Blue: Prescott and the Spirit of Bugatti

Bugatti Blue
Author: Lance Cole
publisher :Pen and Sword Transport
ISBN 10 :1526734753
ISBN 13 :‎‎‎9781526734754
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file size : 53 MB



The British have had an affair with Bugatti for decades and perhaps Prescott Hill-Climb in Gloucestershire is the place where that relationship has reached its highlights across the decades. This collection of photographic images captures the brilliance of Bugatti design amid Bugatti blue at Prescott’s wonderful natural amphitheatre in the Cotswolds to which visitors, Bugatti owners, enthusiasts and addicts have travelled from all over the world to gather and to race up the hill.The author has spent years around old cars, often visiting Prescott and its home to the Bugatti Owners Club which itself celebrates the 80th anniversary of its base at Prescott in 2018 and, the Clubs own 90th anniversary in 2019.In this collection of over 200 photographs, much of the masterworks of Molsheim are captured in action and at rest, at the altar of British Bugatti enthusiasm. Herein are wonderful moments and memories of old Bugatti cars, their owners and drivers, and other vintage and classic… About the Author: Having trained in industrial design and automotive styling, Lance Cole became a motoring writer after winning the 1983 Sir William Lyons Award. His career in automotive, aviation and other writing genres has spanned 30 years, 100+ articles, over a dozen books and numerous broadcasts. He was a key figure in the global ‘Save Saab’ campaign. Time as a reporter in Asia and Africa allowed Lance access to rare driving and flying opportunities including crewing a 50-year-old flying boat across Africa, rallying and off-road adventures. He has undertaken design and development work for major car makers, has owned old cars since he was eighteen and, more recently, he co-restored an 1949 Allard. Lance has passions for France and the Australian outback where he often drives classic cars.