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Principles of Radiographic Imaging: An Art and A Science
December 17, 2021
MasterChef Kitchen Bible
MasterChef Kitchen Bible
December 17, 2021

Easy Peasy Chinese: Mandarin Chinese for Beginners

Easy Peasy Chinese
Author: DK
publisher :DK Children
ISBN 10 :0241513278
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 130
file size : 74 MB



Do you want to learn the world’s most spoken language? This easy-to-use beginner’s e-guide and audio app will get you speaking basic Mandarin in no time.

With useful tips, practice exercises, and fascinating insights into Chinese culture, Easy Peasy Chinese teaches you how to read, write, and speak Mandarin Chinese step by step. The accompanying audio app covers all the vocabulary in the book, helping you perfect your pronunciation and quickly get to grips with the Mandarin tones. Aimed at children aged 8+, but of appeal to beginners of all ages, it will teach you all the words and phrases you’ll need to get by in China, so you can introduce yourself, read and write numbers, and chat about the weather, food, and interests. What’s more, you can give yourself a Chinese name, haggle over shop prices, and learn all about the national culture.

The ebook covers Pinyin, the system used to spell out Chinese characters using Roman letters, and introduces the Chinese writing system, identifying more than 200 of the most frequently used Chinese characters. Bold illustrations and photographs, and a compact, super-stylish design help make the process of learning fun and accessible. There is no Great Wall stopping you from learning now.