Principles of Facial Reconstruction
Principles of Facial Reconstruction: A Subunit Approach to Cutaneous Repair
June 27, 2022
Wearable Energy Storage Devices
Wearable Energy Storage Devices
June 28, 2022

Encyclopedia of Systems and Control

Encyclopedia of Systems and Control
Author: John Baillieul, Tariq Samad
publisher :Springer
ISBN 10 :3030441830
ISBN 13 :9783030441838
page Number : 2497
file size : 67 MB



The Encyclopedia of Systems and Control collects a broad range of short expository articles that describe the current state of the art in the central topics of control and systems engineering as well as in many of the related fields in which control is an enabling technology. The editors have assembled the most comprehensive reference possible, and this has been greatly facilitated by the publisher’s commitment to continuously publish updates to the articles as they become available in the future. Although control engineering is now a mature discipline, it remains an area in which there is a great deal of research activity, and as new developments in both theory and applications become available, they will be included in the online version of the encyclopedia. A carefully chosen team of leading authorities in the field has written the well over 300 articles, 50 of them new in the second edition. The topics range from basic principles of feedback in servomechanisms to advanced topics such as the control of Boolean networks and evolutionary game theory and this range has also been expanded to include material on such subjects as the Internet of Things, quantum control and smart grids. Because the content has been selected to reflect both foundational importance and subjects that are of current interest to the research and practitioner communities, a broad readership that includes students, application engineers, and research scientists will find entries that are of interest.