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The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms
June 24, 2022
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Petroleum Refining: Technology, Economics, and Markets
June 24, 2022

Engineering Mathematics by Example

Author: Robert Sobot
publisher :Springer
ISBN 10 :3030795446
ISBN 13 :9783030795443
page Number : 474
file size : 17 MB



This textbook is a complete, self-sufficient, self-study/tutorial-type source of mathematical problems.  It serves as a primary source for practicing and developing mathematical skills and techniques that will be essential in future studies and engineering practice.  Rigor and mathematical formalism is drastically reduced, while the main focus is on developing practical skills and techniques for solving mathematical problems, given in forms typically found in engineering and science. These practical techniques cover the subjects of algebra, complex algebra, linear algebra, and calculus of single and multiple argument functions. In addition, the second part of the book covers problems on Convolution and Fourier integrals/sums of typical functions used in signal processing.





  • Offers a large collection of progressively more sophisticated mathematical problems on main mathematical topics required for engineers/scientists;
  • Provides, at the beginning of each topic, a brief review of definitions and formulas that are about to be used and practiced in the following problems;
  • Includes tutorial-style, complete solutions, to all problems.