The Fundamentals of Process Intensification
The Fundamentals of Process Intensification
July 5, 2022
Industrial Internet of Things: Technologies, Design, and Applications (Artificial Intelligence (AI): Elementary to Advanced Practices)
July 5, 2022

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (ISE HED IRWIN ACCOUNTING)

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Author: Fred Phillips, Shana Clor-Proell, Robert Lib
publisher :McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 10 :1265440166
ISBN 13 :9781265440169
page Number : 768
file size : 41 MB



Fundamentals of Financial Accounting introduces students to financial accounting using a balanced mix of conversational wording, clear and concise presentations, and everyday examples, allowing students to grasp concepts fundamental to financial accounting without sacrificing rigor or coverage. It incorporates carefully chosen focus companies that students recognize and engage within their everyday lives. From tech start-ups to some of the world’s most familiar trademark brands, each chapter opens with an engaging scenario or story using a familiar company. The same focus company is used throughout the entire chapter so that students can see how the concepts and calculations apply to a real-world company they are already familiar with.

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting uses peer-reviewed research and careful analysis of data to inform pedagogy and presentation of concepts. For example, the authors research on various approaches to teaching the accounting cycle informed the step-by-step model used in the text — a model proven to lead to better results in short-term assessment as well as in long-term understanding and application of the material. By breaking the accounting cycle down into more cohesive, bite-sized segments, students develop a stronger foundational understanding.