Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (ISE HED IRWIN ACCOUNTING)
July 5, 2022
Python Concurrency with asyncio
Python Concurrency with asyncio
July 5, 2022

Industrial Internet of Things: Technologies, Design, and Applications (Artificial Intelligence (AI): Elementary to Advanced Practices)

Author: Sudan Jha, Usman Tariq, Gyanendra Prasad Joshi
publisher :CRC Press
ISBN 10 :0367607778
ISBN 13 :9780367607777
page Number : 248
file size : 25 MB





Artificial Intelligence-Aided Materials Design: AI-Algorithms and Case Studies on Alloys and Metallurgical Processes describes the application of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) concepts to develop predictive models that can be used to design alloy materials, including magnetic alloys, nickel-base superalloys, titanium-base alloys, and aluminum-base alloys. Readers new to AI/ML algorithms can use this book as a starting point and use the included MATLAB and Python implementation of AI/ML algorithms through included case studies. Experienced AI/ML researchers who want to try new algorithms can use this book and study the case studies for reference.


    • Offers advantages and limitations of several AI concepts and their proper implementation in various data types generated through experiments and computer simulations and from industries in different file formats


    • Helps readers develop predictive models through AI/ML algorithms by writing their own computer code or using resources where they do not have to write code


    • Provides downloadable resources such as MATLAB GUI/APP and Python implementation that can be used on common mobile devices


    • Discusses the CALPHAD approach and ways to use data generated from it


  • Features a chapter on metallurgical/materials concepts to help readers understand the case studies and thus proper implementation of AI/ML algorithms under the framework of data-driven materials science

This book is written for materials scientists and metallurgists interested in the application of AI, ML, and data science in the development of new materials.