RSPB Spotlight Woodpeckers
RSPB Spotlight Woodpeckers
July 13, 2022
Understanding Our Universe
Understanding Our Universe (Fourth Edition)
July 13, 2022

Medical Symptoms Visual Guide: The Easy Way to Identify Medical Problems

Medical Symptoms Visual Guide
Author: DK
publisher :DK
ISBN 10 :0241537835
ISBN 13 :9780241537831
page Number : 256
file size : 72 MB




Whether it’s a symptom you have been ignoring for a while or something like a sudden pain after a fall, this ebook tells you what it could be and what action to take.

Check out any health problem and discover what it might be and what you should do. A series of head-to-toe visual diagnostic guides help you identify suspected conditions or injuries. Once you’ve narrowed it down, a cross-reference takes you to easy-to-follow descriptions of the condition at the back of the ebook. Potentially life-threatening situations and ailments that need urgent medical advice are clearly flagged. Fully illustrated throughout, Medical Symptoms Visual Guide is an invaluable reference.