The cinema of Ang Lee
The cinema of Ang Lee: the other side of the screen
November 18, 2021
Excel All-IN-ONE
Excel All-IN-ONE
November 19, 2021

Reportage Illustration: Visual Journalism

Reportage Illustration
Author: Gary Embury, Mario Minichiello
publisher :Bloomsbury Visual Arts
ISBN 10 :1474224598
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 170
file size : 20 MB



The power of reportage drawing is in the immediacy of the images that are created and the feeling of the illustrator’s presence on location. Comparable in some ways to photojournalism, reportage illustrators are acting as visual journalists, proactively creating narrative work about issues and subjects, translating what they witness into handmade imagery. There is evidence that illustrations connect to people in powerful ways whether they are drawings created while embedded with troops in Afghanistan, documenting during a courtroom trial or recreating the energy of the crowd at a rock concert. This area of applied illustration also provides career opportunities for students and takes them out of the classroom and into different environments and situations. With practical information about tools, techniques and coping in various situations as well as inspirational interviews and advice from reportage artists working in the field, this book will fill a gap in this growing market.