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Membrane Engineering for the Treatment of Gases, Volume 1- Gas-separation Issues with Membranes – Edition 2

Membrane Engineering for the Treatment of Gases
Author: Enrico Drioli, Giuseppe Barbieri, Adele Brunetti
publisher :Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN 10 :1782628746
ISBN 13 :9781782628743
page Number : 311
file size : 23 MB



Elaborating on recent and future developments in the field of membrane engineering, Volume 1 focuses on new membrane materials which have recently emerged in gas separation. Covering graphene/graphene oxide based membranes, PIMs, thermally rearranged membranes, and new mixed matrix membranes, alongside membrane pilot plant trials of gas separation, such as CO2 from flue gas and biogas, as well as a cost analysis of competitive membrane and hybrid systems, this book provides a comprehensive account. Together with Volume 2, these books form an innovative reference work on membrane engineering and technology in the field of gas separation and gaseous phase membrane reactors