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Designing and Building a Miniature Aero-Engine

Miniature Aero-Engine
Author: Chris Turner
publisher :The Crowood Press
ISBN 10 :1847977766
ISBN 13 :‎‎9781847977762
page Number : 289
file size : 18 MB



Aimed at home metalworkers, engineers, hobbyists aero-engine builders, and airplane enthusiasts, this guide offers instructions on how to build a miniature aero-engine
Designing and building a miniature aero-engine is an exciting and rewarding task. Whether a professional engineer or an amateur looking to build an engine to fly your model airplane, this book will safely guide you through all the stages of designing and constructing an aero-engine at home. With practical advice and detailed diagrams throughout, the book includes information on the machine tools, materials, and accessories required, and details on designing the engine, including a focus on proportion, valve timing, and engine balancing. There is also information on the manufacture of carburetors, assembly, and setting up, as well as how to choose an aircraft for a home-designed miniature engine.