The Fundamentals of Travel Photography
The Fundamentals of Travel Photography
October 17, 2021
Nanofiltration, 2 Volume Set: Principles, Applications, and New Materials
October 17, 2021

Plants, genes & agriculture: sustainability through biotechnology

Plants, genes & agriculture
Author: Chrispeels, Maarten J.; Gepts, Paul L
publisher :Sinauer Associates ; New York : Oxford University Press, Year: 2018
ISBN 10 :1605356840
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 697
file size : 71 MB



The human population and its food supply in the 21st century — A changing global food system — Plants in human nutrition, diet, and health — Genes, genomics, and molecular biology — Growth and development — Converting solar energy into crop production — The domestication of our food crops — From classical plant breeding to molecular crop improvement — Plant propagation by seeds and vegetative processes — Innovations in agriculture — Soil ecosystems, plant nutrition, and nutrient cycling — Biotic challenges: weeds — Plant diseases and strategies for their control — Biotic challenges: pests — Abiotic stresses and how they affect crop yield — Introduced traits that benefit farmers and industry — Introduced traits that benefit the consumer — Food safety — Challenges and solutions for subsistence farmers — Plants as chemical factories — Plants as factories for the production of protein biologics — Sustainable food production in the 21st century.