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Perfect Phrases In Spanish For The Hotel and Restaurant Industries

Author: Jean Yates
publisher :McGraw-Hill, Year: 2008
ISBN 10 :0071494782
ISBN 13 :9780071494786
page Number : 193
file size : 1 MB



Speak with your Spanish-speaking employees–no prior knowledge of Spanish needed! Perfect Phrases in Spanish for the Hotel and Restaurant Industries gives you more than 500 vital words and phrases specific to the hotel and restaurant fields, with translations spelled out phonetically so you can say what you need to say immediately. For example: Knock before entering a room.Toque a la puerta antes de entrar en una habitaci?n. (TOH-keh ah lah P’WEHR-tah ahn-tess deh en-TRAR en oo-nah ah-bee-tah-S’YOHN) Set up thirty tables for eight people each.Ponga treinta mesas para ocho personas cada una. (POHNG-gah TRAYN-tah MEH-sahs pah-rah OH-choh pehr-SOH-nahs kah-thah OO-nah) Beat the egg yolks. Bata las yemas. (BAH-tah lahs YEH-mahs) Learn the Spanish words and phrases for: exchanging pleasantries • interviewing potential employees • discussing pay rate and taxes • giving instructions • terminating an employee • establishing work hours • explaining safety and emergency procedures • praising good work With Perfect Phrases in Spanish for the Hotel and Restaurant Industries, you can overcome the language barrier and develop a more collaborative, productive workplace environment.