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Success with Succulents: Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Cactuses and Other Succulents

Success with Succulents
Author: John Bagnasco, Bob Reidmuller
publisher :Cool Springs Press
ISBN 10 :0760353581
ISBN 13 :‎‎9780760353585
page Number : 195
file size : 75 MB



Loved the world over for their unique beauty and lower maintenance requirements, Success with Succulents shows you how to get the most out of your desert dwellers.

Cactuses and other succulents are wildly popular in homes the world over, regardless of climate. They’re resilient, beautiful, and easy to care for as long as you know what you’re doing. Whether you live in a warm, dry climate and want to grow a whole cactus garden outdoors or you’d like to add one of these alluring species to your indoor windowsill, this book has what you need to pick the perfect plants for you and make them thrive.

Success with Succulents is filled with both well-known and unusual species of cacti and succulents, as well as tips and techniques for caring for these water-sipping species indoors and out. With this all-inclusive guide, you’ll get all the information you’ll need on:
Color combinations
Sizes and shapes
Placement and ideal soil selection
Container growing
Learn everything you need to know about growing succulents! Success with Succulents also includes more than 100 plant profiles, with details that will help you succeed in gardening prickly and waxy varieties of all kinds.