150 Best Tiny Home Ideas
150 Best Tiny Home Ideas
October 20, 2021
Bearing Steel Technologies
Bearing Steel Technologies : 12th Volume, Progress in Bearing Steel Metallurgical Testing and Quality Assurance
October 28, 2021

TheBoatyard Book: A boatowner’s guide to yacht maintenance, repair and refitting

TheBoatyard Book
Author: Simon Jollands
publisher :Adlard Coles
ISBN 10 :1472977106
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 224
file size : 157 MB



The Boatyard Book is a practical, comprehensive reference manual that provides sensible, accessible advice for boatowners on planning and carrying out annual maintenance, repairs, upgrades and refits of sailing yachts and motorboats, up to 20 metres in length.

Beginning with all the information owners will need to care for their boat, including how to budget and plan tasks to be done through the year, The Boatyard Book goes on to help them choose the best boatyard for their needs, then provides essential how-to reference material and ideas for a comprehensive range of projects large and small to be carried out ashore.

There’s advice and tips from highly respected boatyard owners, specialists and surveyors, as well as from the author’s own 25 years’ experience of boat ownership, all fully illustrated with step-by-step photos and illustrations. Topics covered include:
– laying up
– hull and deck care
– mast and rigging
– sail care
– engines
– electrics
– maintenance of plumbing and gas systems
– more complex projects, including re-wiring a boat, overhauling an engine, how to treat osmosis and how to go about a complete refit.

This is a book to be kept at the yard, or on the boat, and used time and time again by those who are either happy to keep things ticking along with the minimum of effort or by those who want to get stuck into bigger projects.