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Bearing Steel Technologies : 12th Volume, Progress in Bearing Steel Metallurgical Testing and Quality Assurance

Bearing Steel Technologies
Author: John Beswick
publisher :ASTM International
ISBN 10 :0803176929
ISBN 13 :
page Number : 668
file size : 171 MB



THIS COMPILATION OF Selected Technical Papers, STP1623,Bearing Steel Technologies: 12th Volume, Progress in Bearing Steel Metallurgical Testing and Quality Assurance, contains peer-reviewed papers that were presented at a symposium held May 15-17, 2019, in Denver, CO, USA. The symposium was jointly sponsored by ASTM International Committee A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys, and Subcommittee A01.28 on Bearing and Power Transmission Steels.

Symposium Chair and STP Editor:

John M. Beswick
Montfoort, The Netherlands



Review on Crack Initiation and Premature Failures in Bearing Applications

Influence of Steel Cleanliness on RCF and WEC Formation

Rolling Contact Fatigue Transformations in Aero Steels: The Effect of Temperature on Microstructural Decay

Quantitative Ultrasonic Characterization of Subsurface Inclusions in Tapered Roller Bearings

Design and Validation of a Modular Rolling Contact Fatigue/Rolling-Sliding Contact Fatigue Testing Machine

Investigation of Fatigue Behavior around Nonmetallic Inclusion Using a Newly Developed Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Method

Lubricant-Induced White Etching Cracks: Mechanism and Effects of Surface Finishing

Surface Damage in Rolling Bearings and the Impact on Rolling Contact Fatigue

Effect of MnS on the Micropitting Behavior of Through Hardened Bearing Steel during Rolling Contact Fatigue

Influence of Material, Heat Treatment, and Microstructure in Resisting White Etching Crack Damage

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) of M50NiL—Enabling Increased Degrees of Freedom in New Design Concepts

Manufacturing of Large-Diameter Rolling Element Bearings by Steel-Steel Multimaterial Systems

Ultrasonic Evaluation of Tailored Forming Components

Improved Processing Techniques for Inclusion-Free Steel for Bearing and Mechanical Component Applications

Performance and Reliability of Powder Metallurgy Steels for Aerospace Bearings

The Use of SEM-EDS and PDA-OES Techniques to Help the Development of the Production of Bearing Steel

Advances in Billet Cast Carbon Steel Quality for High-Performance Rolling Bearings

Improvements in GCr15 (52100) High Carbon Bearing Steel Steelmaking and Their Effect on Inclusions, Segregation, and Fatigue Properties

Temperature-Resistant, Corrosion-Tolerant Carburizing Bearing Steel for Aero-Engine Applications

High Performance Ferrium Steels for Aerospace Gearing and Bearing Applications

Hybrid Steel and Its Potential for Bearing Applications

Effect of Carbide Segregation on Mode I Fatigue Resistance Properties of the Bearing Tool Steel Roll Blade Die

Relevance of Fracture Mechanics in Rolling Bearing: Functional Property Determination and Steel Quality Assurance

VIM-VAR Steelmaking for Bearing Steel Grades

Melt Methods and Their Effects on Cleanliness for Bearing Performance

Spall Propagation Characteristics of Life-Tested VIM-VAR M50 and Pyrowear 675 Bearing Steels

Spall Propagation Characteristics of As-Manufactured Aerospace Bearing Steels

Testing to Reveal Tribology Mechanisms for Advancing Bearing Steels

Adhesive Wear Performance of Pyrowear 675 in All-Metal and Hybrid Configuration

Accelerated Life Testing of Pyrowear 675 Material at 218C (425F) Using a Ball-on-Rod Rolling Contact Fatigue Tester